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Name Last Price 24h Change Markets
TBT Tbt 553.7 NGN + 0.98%
BNB Bnb 333237 NGN + 6.983%
USDT Usdt 571.215 NGN + 5.4%
BTC Bitcoin 28896619.9 NGN + 4.997%
ETH Ethereum 2464829.45 NGN + 5.173%
LTC Litecoin 90513 NGN + 5.118%
Dash Dashcoin 78478.5 NGN + 7.176%
XRP Ripple 473.244 NGN + 5.811%
TRX Tronix 49.9234 NGN + 6.638%
DOT Polkadot 16113.8 NGN + 5.007%
LINK Link 11316.95 NGN + 6.998%
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Why Choose Us?

Trusted & Secure
There are numerous positive reviews regarding our outstanding services ranging from escrow services to simplified crypto trading.
User Friendly
Coinsbid offers a biginner friendly mode of operation that could easily be utilized by a novice.
Bargain Freely
Unlike other crypto platforms, coinsbid offers you the full privilege to bargain & buy/sell based on your wish. No deprivation whatsoever!
Timely Transactions
All transactions are completed in few minutes. Once confirmed on blockchain, deal will be sealed without delay.
Best Escrow Service
Our escrow service is the best shield against scammers. You can now buy & sell with confidence using our top-notch escrow service.

Starting is Simple

Start using CoinsBid Escrow with these 3 easy steps

  1. 1

    Create An Account

    Please provide your full name, valid email address, phone number and input a secure password for your account.

  2. 2

    Create A Chat Room

    Create a temporal escrow group on coinsbid & add your deal mate, an admin will appear automatically to act as a middleman (escrow)

  3. 3

    Admin Facilitates

    Buyer pays to coinsbid central account while an admin instructs seller to send coin. Buyer confirms while admin remit funds to seller

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